Ensure an adequate implementation of the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities


The EU taxonomy for sustainable activities has become a key reference for investors, financial institutions and companies. It already plays a crucial role in channelling future investments into those economic activities and projects that are most needed for the transition towards climate neutrality. Construction activities are largely covered by the EU taxonomy’s technical criteria and it is therefore essential to enable construction companies to comply with these criteria.


The European Commission must ensure the usability of the EU taxonomy and the wider sustainable finance framework, which should be reviewed on a regular basis. Potential new or revised criteria must be implementable by construction companies and take due account of available technical possibilities and new technical progress.

The European Commission should closely monitor the financial impact of the EU taxonomy on companies, especially considering the difficult economic context since the outbreak of Covid-19, the war in Ukraine and other geo-political tensions.

It can be expected that more and more smaller companies will be held accountable for their overall impact on the environment in the medium and long term. The Commission must ensure that companies that do not comply with the ambitious technical criteria right from the get-go will have alternative solutions at their disposal and are not cut off from investments.

The reporting requirements under the EU taxonomy, and those set forth by the new corporate sustainability reporting rules, are already far-reaching and the Commission should provide more guidance on how to report on sustainability KPIs. The specificities of the construction supply chain, as well as the structure of the sector, mainly composed of SMEs, must adequately be taken into consideration.